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The Sarah Silk Zebra Pants XS-S

The Sarah Silk Zebra Pants XS-S

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I've been hiding these away in my hidey hidey hole, because they bring me so much joy to look at and occassionally mirror dance in. But it's time to set them free. These zebra patterned vintage silk slacks will take you places your small town heart has only dreamed of. Back to the Sahara plains of Africa. Or just your local cocktail bar. Whatever wild terrace/patio you want to roam works.

Quality A. These vintage gems are in great condition.Β 

Brand: Sentier

Size: 4

Material: 100% Silk

Waist 13" [no stretch]

Rise 11.25"

Inseam 29”

Hips 24”

Model is 5’5”

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