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The Summer Sunshine Petite Jumper by April Cornell M

The Summer Sunshine Petite Jumper by April Cornell M

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Annoy your most austere family members and neighbours by traipsing around the garden in this 100% rayon summer jumpsuit by April Cornell. Sing lalala at tulips at daisies in order to drown out conversation about international political relations and the microchip supply chain. It's not that you don't care. It's that you know they know already and that they just want you to know that they know but like, you know.Β 

Quality A. This vintage gem is in great condition.Β 

Brand: Cornell Trading by April Cornell

Size: Medium [I'm personally labeling this Petite in Length because I'm short-ish and it's barely long enough]

Material: 100% Rayon

Origin: Made In India

Pit to pit 18”

Length 53”

Waist ~18”

Rise ~10”

Inseam 25”

Hips ~28”+

Model is 5’5”

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