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The Gertrude Wool Dress XS

The Gertrude Wool Dress XS

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The perfect dress to wear sitting in your covered porch rocking chair, petting your black cat and staring school children down. Or hell, wear it to the Fall Ball. And if the town *tries* to dump a bucket of blood on you, that's the moment when you'll finally make them pay. Oh ho ho. They'll all pay. But you'll whisk away the one man that was always kind to you to be your terrified slave. But he'll grow to love you. Oh yes he will. Because everyone else he ever loved is gone.

Absolutely stunning vintage dress with black bodice and Orange Plaid Wool skirt. All attached, one piece. Hails from 60s or 70s. Handmade.

Quality A. Gently used piece.

Pit to pit 16" (bodice a little stretchy)
Waistband (where plaid begins) 13.5" (not stretchy)
Length ~56"
Sleeve Inseam 17"
Hips ~19"

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